Hello! I’m Ashley, a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and former longtime editor at Glamour and, before that, Page Six Magazine (#RIP). In addition to those publications, my work has appeared in/on Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Goodhousekeeping.com, Self, Refinery29, The Well, Boston.com, The New York Post, The New York Times, Mademan.com, and various other outlets.

For the last year, I’ve been reporting and writing stories on how immigrants contribute to their local communities, interviewing more than 130 native- and foreign-born Americans from across the country for New American Economy, a bipartisan group co-founded by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch that’s making the case for comprehensive immigration reform.

Of course, immigration isn’t the only beat I cover. I’m what you’d call a true generalist, covering a wide range of topics from estrangement and powerful women, to staycations and everything in between. For stories, I’ve interviewed a former Navy Seal and the Department of Homeland Security to find out how to survive a mass shooting; debated the pros and cons of the rise (or, depending on how you look at it, return) of trends like thong swimsuits and naked dresses; talked to global pop star Troye Sivan about sex and identity and the struggles of the LGBTQA community; delivered a big middle finger to young marriage haters; and spent two days with a couple injured in the Boston Bombing just a few weeks shy of the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack. I especially love interviewing people so profiles, Q&As, and as told tos are kind of my jam.

I’ve also created content for a lifestyle app and a rising personality in the tech and wellness space (please get in touch if you need help honing and/or channeling your brand’s voice), and cover breaking entertainment news for Glamour.com.

Thanks for stopping by!